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Competitive Advantages

Big manufacturer

As one of leading lighting manufacturers in greater China, we are have a 10000 m2 factory in Chaozhou Guangdong and one 800 m2 showroom in Guangzhou. Our annual output is up to 300 containers.We can provide good service on lighting manufacture to our valued customers.

200 creative designs/new items per year

At Aone,designers and engineers work together every year to design and develop about 200 creative lights.With their simplicity,these products can provide you an idea illumination .

Good quality

With continuous supervision, monitoring and training that use strict quality processes, tools and standards, we strive to guarantee that all our products meet or exceed customers’quality specifications.

Competitive price

By maintaining our focus on our customers’ concern, we provide competitive cost and assess to the continuing cost reduction opportunities.But we never use unqualified component to reach impossible price.

Professional service

To pursuing “Customer first”, we partner closely with our customers to provide excellent service and meet

Competitive Advantages