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  • Summer Plant Style
    Summer Plant Style

    In the field of home decoration, there is a cool and beautiful Morandi wind, and some people prefer the summer style brought by tropical plants.The popularity of summer plant style is rapid and very tense, from the European continent to China, everywhere.Tropical plants with vigorous vitality ,radiate an optimistic and lovely temperament, and brings people to the fresh and wild rainfore..


  • Hand-Making of Ceramic
    Hand-Making of Ceramic

    With the development of science and technology, today's ceramic production technology has undergone tremendous changes, ceramic production technology continues to innovate and upgrade, but traditional handicraft technology still occupies an important position in ceramic art creation and production. Mould-forming technology has been widely used in the production of modern ceramics.Workers use..


  • Poppy Story

    William Zhong I am every excited on mixing Morandi colours,natural wood and traditional wire netting into one new work.   There is a static beauty in the Morandi color system with a mysterious and indifferent gray tone.   Wood is natural, pure and unadorned.It is amazing to return wood to be cup of light.   Wire ..


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